COEUR D'ALENE, Idaho — About a year ago, software upgrades at licensing offices in Idaho caused long wait times and it had some drivers in Coeur d’Alene going to Priest River to renew their licenses.

Sally Mitchell runs licensing for the Bonner County Sheriff’s Office. She said licensing wait times have been much between this year.  

The Idaho Transportation Department was upgrading its software at the time. Plus, an unrelated issue with an ITD license vendor caused delays and backlogs for people renewing licenses.

Mitchell said the bugs with ITD’s system have been worked out. But she said drivers from outside areas are still going to Priest River and Sandpoint offices.

"We're still seeing Kootenai County and Boundary County people, but not like we were," Mitchell said.

Mitchell said it appears more drivers are staying in Kootenai County to take care of their business. That's allowing her staff to return to more normal workloads.

"It's not so busy that you can't take your break during the day now. It's a lot better," she said.

She knows that drivers upgrading their licenses to get Idaho's Star Card will likely create more work over the next year.

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