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Nonprofit promotes abortion services and contraceptives on University of Idaho Campus

The nonprofit, Mayday Health, drove around digital billboards promoting abortion services and where to get contraceptives.

MOSCOW, Idaho — The nonprofit Mayday Health drove around a truck showing digital billboards promoting abortion services and where to get contraceptives.

They did it during a football gameday to get more eyes on the billboards.

Earlier this week the university made a decision to ban their faculty and staff from providing referrals about abortion, promoting birth control services, or expressing their opinions about it.

In response, the nonprofit mayday health, hired a digital billboard truck to drive around campus, spreading the message about available resources.

The nonprofit says they're doing this because no one should be restricted of their free speech. 

“It’s a university setting. Students should not be afraid. Staff should not be afraid. This is simple accessible health information that has been widely available for decades, there should be no reason they should be afraid to talk about it. All these medications have been FDA approved for a minimum of a decade. Limiting free speech is simply not acceptable,” said Kaori Sueyoshi, the head of strategy for Mayday Health.

There are six slides rotating on the billboard. They include slides saying, "Be conservative, use birth control" and "Moscow, it's a slippery slope."

The university says they sent out their memo because they want to give their employees guidance on how to navigate the challenging law.

People here have had mixed of emotions about this truck.

Some have walked by saying they agree with the university, while others walked by saying phrases like, "we should have access to contraceptives no matter what."

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