SPOKANE, Wash. — Editor's Note: The above video is a report on rules prohibiting Lime Scooters and Bikes from being ridden on downtown sidewalks.

Visit Spokane has teamed up with Lime, the company that runs Lime Bikes and Scooters in Spokane, to provide travel itineraries and instructions to riders on the new Scoot Spokane website.

The website will provide scooter riders "itineraries to explore the community, as well as first-timer instructions and safety information," according to Lime Strategic Development Director Jonathan Hopkins.

People who use the site can also get directions from Google Maps to follow the "city's bike network," Hopkins said.

The routes will go through downtown and other parts of the city, according to Hopkins. The routes currently serve Kendall Yards, Browne's Addition, South Perry and the Garland District and will highlight businesses on the route.

In-app messaging will also help guide users, according to Hopkins.

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