SPOKANE, Wash. — The Spokane Police Department and Lutheran Community Services Northwest created a new tool to support sexual assault survivors in Spokane and help them explore options to act.

Seek Then Speak is a new way for survivors of sexual assault to access vital services. Through VictimLink, survivors can use the Seek Then Speak to learn about their options and navigate what can be a difficult and emotional process on their own terms.

Seek Then Speak is now available for free to survivors in Spokane. It is part of a new initiative brought to the community by the SPD and Lutheran Community Services Northwest to help survivors connect with support by web, phone or mobile app.

“We believe this platform will be useful for survivors to gain information, connect to resources and report assaults,” Sgt. Glenn Bartlett with SPD’s Special Victim’s Unit said. “With Seek Then Speak, advocates and law enforcement can employ a holistic approach to support, assist and provide guidance to survivors. This benefits the entire community.”

The tool is also available in several languages to increase access. Survivors can begin the process of reporting the crime directly to law enforcement and seek supportive services from victim advocacy, if they choose.

The process helps survivors better understand their options while remaining anonymous until they choose to make direct contact with law enforcement or advocates.

Seek Then Speak is available to anyone in Spokane by visiting www.SeekThenSpeak.org, calling (888) 865-9863, or by downloading the mobile app available on Android and iOS.