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Bear cub moves into Monroe County backyard

The family named the bear Sydney because they don't know if its a male or a female.
Credit: WNEP

EAST STROUDSBURG, Pa. — "It's not odd to have a bear, but the bears we've had in the past have just walked through...but this one has been here since Thursday," Ingrid Sidlosky said. 

The Sidlosky family lives in East Stroudsburg.

Tucked in their backyard is a bush and living inside, is this bear cub.

The family named the bear Sydney because they don't know if its a male or a female. 

They worry that with little sources of food the bear won't make it. 

"There's nothing around here expect chestnuts, so Sydney's been filling up on chestnuts, but you know you can just live on that alone. Like my husband said there's no water around that they can drink, it hasn't rained," Sidlosky said. 

The family tells Newswatch 16 that they have made several calls to East Stroudsburg University police, Stroud Area Regional Police, and the Pennsylvania Game Commission, but nothing has been done. 

Now the Sidosky families home backs up onto a walkway on the campus of East Stroudsburg University. They say their concern, with people walking on this so frequently somebody may get hurt. 

<"Our neighbors have little children, ESU has people walking up, not only that but the street that goes up to the fine arts building, also this little access street they come up there. Neighbors walking their dogs... you just don't know with a wild animal how it's going to react," Sidlosky said. 

While the Sidlosky family has welcomed Sydney with open arms, they are hopeful something can be done. 

"I'm just hoping the Game Commission will step up and do something with this bear, take it somewhere, don't kill it, don't wait until it gets aggravated by a person walking by and then it attacks and then they have to go and say we have to go shot the bear," Sidlosky said.

We did reach out to the Game Commission, a representative tells Newswatch 16 they have someone looking into it.