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Spokane tree services prepared ahead of Wednesday windstorm

Power outages and downed trees are expected with wind gusts around 60mph this Wednesday.

POST FALLS, Idaho — Strong winds are forecasted to roll through the Inland Northwest Wednesday, with some gusts reaching up to 60 miles an hour. 

There's a high possibility that trees will sustain damage, losing limbs or even knocking over in the wind. 

Removing the fallen tree limbs can be a dangerous job.

“There can be a tree behind you and by the time you hear the crack, it’s already too late,” said David Turner, founder of All Seasons Tree Services.

Last February, neighborhoods in Post Falls witnessed just how quickly winds can escalate. Trees were down all over the town and some homeowners are still repairing damage from that windstorm. 

“Evaluating your trees for safety is always a good thing,” Turner explained. “A lot of people don’t have a habit of looking up into the upper canopies of their tree to see what they look like.”

During the winter, changing weather can impact how certain trees will fare through strong winds. 

Soft ground can be problematic for top-heavy trees like Ponderosa Pines.

“They’re not going to have a great attachment down into the deeper part of the ground, and so the wind comes up and it can just peel those things right up,” Turner said. 

All Seasons Tree Service is based out of North Idaho. They have done tree removal on both sides of the state border for the last ten years.

Any time high-speed winds are in the forecast. They recommend staying inside and away from any potential debris. 

Keeping a close eye on the trees in your backyard can also help prevent damage in the future.

“Most of the time trees are fine and they’re going to weather the storm just fine,” Turner said. “The certified arborists in our community are going to do a good job to help you figure out which ones are safe and which ones aren’t.”