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Intro to Buying a Used Car

What to consider when purchasing a used vehicle
Credit: BrianAJackson
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Buying a used vehicle can be intimidating.

Dan Arrotta, owner of Arrotta's Automax, sheds light on the topic as he walks through the initial things to consider when purchasing a used vehicle.

Arrotta's expertise stems from running several Spokane dealerships, both new and independent, since 1987.

This episode launches the first of twelve monthly segments in which host Kelly Welsh discusses various used car buying tips with Arrotta.

They start at the very beginning. Arrotta notes a buyer should carefully consider personal and family needs, especially in terms of space, before looking for a vehicle.

Once a buyer has a vehicle in mind, he or she should run both Carfax and Autocheck reports. If these check out alright, next comes the test drive. Arrotta says that a thorough test drive includes freeway time.

A buyer should also seek a second opinion from a trusted mechanic for a thorough safety inspection.

Check back for more used car purchasing tips in future LiveWell Spokane segments.

Click here for more information on Arrotta's Automax.