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A Spokane doctor offers patients a new healthcare model

Dr. Condon introduces Direct Primary Care to Spokane
Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Spokane-based Family Physician Dr. Donald Condon is the first in the city to offer the Direct Primary Care model.

Dr. Condon explains common frustrations in the current healthcare industry prompted the formation of Direct Primary Care, which is growing in popularity.

Conditions not covered by insurance and patients being forced to seek preliminary care before receiving the care they actually need are a couple of the common frustrations Dr. Condon has witnessed.

"In general, they're paying more and getting less," he says.

Dr. Condon likens the Direct Primary Care model to a pre-paid membership. A $125/month adult membership provides unlimited doctor visits and in-office care. An adult membership also includes dependent children under age 22 for free.

"All their care is taken care of right here; which turns out to be about ninety percent of what they need in a year," says Dr. Condon of his patients.

Amanda Dixon, Office Manager, says the office offers additional discounts for employers purchasing Direct Primary Care for employees.

To learn more about Dr. Condon's practice and Direct Primary Care visit their web site or call 509-467-1100.