LINCOLN, Wash. -- A woman in Lincoln woke up to two cougars hanging out in her backyard Tuesday morning.

Yvonne Ives Reppe said the big cats were just feet away from her patio, along Lake Roosevelt, around 5:30 a.m.

"I go downstairs in the morning to work out. I just caught something out of the corner of my eye doing my workout and I thought it was my neighbor’s dog. Then I thought holy cow that's not a dog," she said. "We both stopped and stared at each other."

Reppe said she has been hearing them but did not get a glimpse of them until Tuesday morning. She made sure to get out her phone and take video.

"It's poor video because I was just shaking," she said. "I was just going from window to window to window recording them."

She said one of her neighbors has a game camera that captured the two cougars but nothing like the video she got from her home.

"They were probably there a good 10 to 15 minutes. We just hung out and watched them for awhile," she said.

Even though she was shaken by the big cats’ appearance she said she’s not worried about doing things outside.

“I've known they were there before, but I had never seen them. They were well fed. If they were skinny, maybe I'd be nervous," she said.