The Crabtree family found the man they said saved their home from the Hart Wildfire.

They said they saw "Roy" the good Samaritan parked on the side of the road and flagged him down. They told KREM 2 they got his phone number and plan to do something nice for the man who helped save their house.

KREM 2 spoke with Roy on the phone, who said he did not want any recognition for helping fight the blaze, but the Crabtree family said they are still very grateful.

Original story:

LINCOLN COUNTY, Wash. --- Fire ripped across the dry brush near the city of Davenport on Sunday, but one family’s home was spared from the flames thanks to a good Samaritan.

“When we turned in our driveway, oh my gosh, we just we were so…It was standing! Everything was burned to the ground but our house,” said Felicia Crabtree.

All thanks, they said, to help from one man named "Roy."

Crabtree said they had only minutes to evacuate when they saw the fire creep close to their home.

“The fire was coming over the hill so fast,” said Ron Crabtree. “It was time to go.”

The Crabtrees said they came home and found him with his own water truck, working by himself to save their house.

The fire burned down their mother-in-law’s home and shed just feet from their yard. The ground was still smoldering Monday.

The ground and trees near the Crabtree's home are charred following the Hart fire moving through the area. 

They said the flames spread so quickly that Roy told them he had to hide behind his water truck as flames ripped over his head.

“When I walked up to him, he turned around and said ‘Oh my gosh, I thought I was going to die,’” said Ron Crabtree.

The family agreed it is pretty unbelievable that a man they did not know would risk his life to save their home.

The Crabtrees said they are hoping to find the mysterious Roy again, so they can do something to thank him.

“We haven't seen him since we went looking for him and we don't know where he's at, where his house is, but we're going to find out,” said Ron Crabtree.

The Hart fire continues to burn on Monday, Aug. 22.