MOSCOW, Idaho – The University of Idaho's new research building on campus is on full display Monday as organizers are getting set for its ribbon cutting ceremony on Tuesday.

The Integrated Research & Innovation Center (IRIC) is the first new research building on campus in 15 years, university officials told KREM 2 News.

If there is anyone that is pumped about the new space, it is the people at Polymorphic Games.

"We were pretty much waiting outside the building for it to unlock," said Barrie Robison.

Robison is part of a video game design studio that is based at the University of Idaho. The new research building is a definite upgrade from their previous digs.

The $52 million facility is state of the art in its modern design, officials said. They also said it is unique because it is available for anyone on campus to use a research space. It is not limited to just one college, per se.

Russ McClanahan is the IRIC Facility Manager. He said the idea for the building is simple: bring big ideas together all at one location.

"We have computer and biology in one and anthropologists on third floor," McClanahan said.

Robison said the point of the IRIC is that everyone is randomly bumping into each other all the time.

The layout of the building encourages collaboration with lots of open-space seating and work areas. Several of the labs are customizable as well.

"We can move these around, that unit in the ceiling can be moved around as well," McClanahan said.

So far close to three quarter of the space has been allocated to various research groups. Polymorphic Games is content with the idea of being one of the mainstays here.

"My secret plan is for us to be so awesome that they n ever want us to leave this space," Robison said laughing.