MOSCOW, Id. – There's yet another chapter in the saga that has become the Syringa Mobile Home Park in Moscow.

People living there were ordered to leave the infamous trailer park, but that doesn't mean all the problems there are gone. The park is tied up in bankruptcy following court cases and people there have been told they need to pack up their things and leave.

As they left, the looters came in. They stole whatever they could find, including an old truck that belonged to Jim Ware, one of just six people left at the Syringa Mobile home park.

"I just can't believe they don't have anything better to do,” Ware said. “What is left out here that they can want?"

Then there is the garbage problem. Trash has accumulated to a point where conditions are extremely unsanitary.

"It's too much litter,” Latah County Sheriff Richie Skiles said. “It's too much garbage, it's not sanitary."

Skiles said compounding the junk has become an issue because garbage trucks were not going to the mobile home park anymore.

Several residents still living in the mobile home park said "forget it" and threw away their stuff and unhealthy household waste.

Skiles said his office is working directly with the remaining people in the trailer park to find them other places to live. He has also increased patrols in the area to make sure the looters stay away.