The website Only in Your State created a road trip for people interested in seeing all the waterfalls in North Idaho.

In the article, titled "The Most Epic North Idaho Waterfalls Road Trip is Here --And You'll Want To Do It", they say the Idaho Panhandle is, “ This near-perfect combination of natural elements not only makes for an idyllic getaway, but combines to create some absolutely breathtaking waterfalls around virtually every corner.”

The website said this was the longest road trip that they had published so far. It is 350 miles and about 12 hours of drive time to see nine different waterfalls. You will drive all the way to the Canadian border.

Here’s the list of waterfalls and click here for the route.

  1. Granite Falls (near Nordman, Idaho)
  2. Torrelle and Mission Falls (near Priest River, Idaho)
  3. Shadow and Fern Falls (near Shadow Falls, Idaho)
  4. Char Falls and Wellington Creek Falls (near Wellington Creek, Idaho)
  5. Grouse Creek Falls (near Grouse Creek, Idaho)
  6. Snow Creek Falls (near Moyie Springs, Idaho)
  7. Myrtle Creek Falls (near Moyie Springs, Idaho)
  8. Moyie Springs Falls (near Moyie Springs, Idaho)
  9. Copper Creek Falls (near Copper Falls, Idaho)