COEUR D’ALENE, Idaho – The Coeur d’Alene Police Department was the site for a presentation Wednesday of a tow truck that had been decked out in honor of fallen Sergeant Greg Moore.

Moore was shot and killed on May 5, 2015 while on duty. His death sent shockwaves throughout the Idaho community, but also brought them together closer than ever before. Tributes popped up all over, memorials are being planned in his honor, and now Wednesday, a tow truck.

The truck comes from Matt Mayo, the owner of Auto Trackers and Recovery North (ATRN.) Mayo and Sgt. Moore have a connection dating back to Lake City High School. Sgt. Moore was Mayo's ROC officer at the school. Mayo graduated in 2005. Now as an adult, he said he needed to do something to pay his respects.

"He was an awesome person. He didn't pass judgment on you," said Mayo.

So after Moore was shot and killed during an early morning traffic stop, Mayo began to think of a way he could permanently honor Moore. His bread and butter are his tow trucks. So he thought why not make one of them into a moving, visible reminder of the sacrifice of law enforcement.

"We got the idea for the poem and the guns and hoses logo and then just kind of grew it from there," Mayo explained.

The truck features these customs designs, along with a poem and this engraving. The logos were all donated by CW Wraps in Post Falls. Notably are the call signs of not only Moore, but also fellow Coeur d'Alene Police Officer Mike Kralicek and Idaho State Patrol Trooper Linda Huff. Huff was shot and killed while on duty in 1998. Kralicek was shot in 2004 but survived. On Wednesday, colleagues of all three got to see the decked out tow truck for themselves in person. Mayo said this is a thank you to them.

Mayo said he has a couple of finishing touches to do on the truck then he will start putting it to use as soon as possible.