SANDPOINT, Idaho — The City of Sandpoint is set to relocate problem geese from City Beach.

Sandpoint Parks and Recreation Director Kim Woodruff said there are about 300 birds on the beach.

On Feb. 20, city council members approved a relocation plan with the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Woodruff said the plan is to catch the geese this year during the molting season in June. Then, they’ll band the birds for identification and relocate them. He said other agencies will be involved in the process because the birds are federally protected through the USDA Wildlife Services and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services, as well as Idaho Fish and Game.

Wildlife officials may need to use a more lethal approach for long-term success. In June 2020, geese will be captured again. Birds with a band from the previous capture and relocation may be humanely euthanized, Woodruff said. Those captured in 2020 that do not have a band would be banded and relocated.

Goose feces have been a growing problem at City Beach. In the past, parks officials have tried using dogs and fake coyotes sprayed with scent to ward off the geese. So far, none of these approaches have worked and it has cost the city more than $10,000 a year, Woodruff said. He said the new agreement for relocation would cost $3,000 a year.  

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