KOOTENAI COUNTY, Idaho – On Wednesday, KREM 2 News took the surveillance video released by the Kootenai County Sheriff’s Office and Post Falls Police Department to a private investigator to get his take on the now murder investigation surrounding the death of a Post Falls man.

The surveillance video, the second one released by authorities, was taken from the US Bank in Hayden, and it shows two people inside the truck of William “Bo” Kirk and using his ATM card to withdraw cash.

Kirk was found dead in the Hayden Creek area of the Coeur d’Alene National Forest on Tuesday. He had been reported missing by his wife on Saturday after he did not return home from work.

KREM 2 News wants to stress that the private investigator we spoke with is not involved or connected to this case in any way.

Eric Jenkins is the private investigator we spoke with. When we first showed him the video he said he was sure he was dealing with a careered criminal.

“He is one cool customer. He doesn’t seem to be panicked, he doesn’t seem to be nervous and that leads me to believe that this is not the first time that he’s done something like this,” Jenkins said.

In the days since Kirk went missing, police hope the surveillance videos will offer some clues. They said they have already received more than 300 tips.

At the US Bank in Hayden, the first video captured a man using Kirk’s ATM card. But look closer at the video released by authorities Wednesday and it reveals two people in Kirk’s truck.

“He first searches the console, the glove box, and now he’s digging into a box that maybe came in the mail or FedEx, UPS, or something,” he said.

Jenkins said the passenger is clearly looking for whatever he can find, but even in the second video – the driver is his focal point.

He said the driver’s actions show that this crime was premeditated.

“Based on the fact that [Kirk] is dead, if he hadn’t already killed him, he was anticipating most likely killing him,” Jenkins said.

“For somebody to be that cruel, calm, and collected doing this is not their first crime.”

The video also shows a red car behind the suspects at the ATM drive-thru. Authorities have said they want to speak with that car’s occupants to see if they saw or know anything more.

With a distorted license plate and suspects with masks, Jenkins said more video is key to finding whose responsible.

"I'd be literally out there, ever possible route that they could of drove on. Door to door, every business, which I'm sure law enforcement is doing. What have you got? Have you got surveillance and where are your cameras pointed?"