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Post Falls mom thanks police for helping her son with autism

Photo courtesy: Ashley Marie Whitman

Post Falls mother Ashley Whitman knows her son who has autism could be in danger if he were to somehow get lost. So she reached out to her local police department to see if they would spare an officer for a few minutes to interact with her non-verbal son.

“They sent Officer Flood over right away and had him meet Josiah,” said Whitman. “Officer Flood introduced himself to Josiah and I, played with Josiah, and did a profile on Josiah and his special needs.”

Whitman said her son was so excited and learned a valuable lesson from the experience.

“So...Josiah would know if at any time he needed help he would be able to go up to a police officer and they would always be there to help,” she explained. “And so if, unfortunately, Josiah ever got out, he wouldn't run from the ones trying to help him.”

“All around, this experience was the best it could ever be,” she said. “And I'm very proud to have gentlemen out there to protect my little boy.”

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