POST FALLS, Idaho­­— The City of Post Falls has been talking to the owners of Arundel Mobile Home Park about a proposal to connect to the city's water lines.

These talks come after weeks of Arundel Mobile Home Park being under a bottled water advisory and residents claiming the water has been bad for years.

Resident Don Gooch said he uses caution when using the water.

"When you brush your teeth, you got to be careful. You've got to spit it all out. It's that bad."

Arundel's owners had previously installed a new treatment system. However, Idaho Department of Environmental Quality determined back in May that it was insufficient and has since been working with the owners to fix the problem.

Post Falls city leaders said it is in favor of having the owners of this trailer park hook up to the city's water service. However, hooking up to the city’s water service would be at the expense of the owners of the trailer park.

Water to the Arundel Mobile Home Park comes from the nearby Spokane River through a private well. According to the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality, the park has been under a bottled water advisory for several weeks.