POST FALLS, Idaho – A Post Falls family got something they did not expect this year, a girl.

The Underdahl’s have not had a girl in their family since 1914.

“I wasn't mentally prepared for a girl," mother Ashton Underdahl said.

Auerelia Underdahl was born on April 12 and broke the long tradition for the family. Underdahl knew her husband’s side of the family had a long history of boys. She did not realize how long it was until her father-in-law started to do the research.

“He dug in and we thought, there are not a lot of girls,” she said.

They went back and found out just how long it had been.

“Everything was just sort of rooting for a girl," Underdahl said.

The family could not buy any blue baby accessories like they had gotten so used to doing.

“Pink was a shock. Headbands, the girl aisle is overwhelming,” Underdahl said.

But the family could not been any happier.

“They are just sweet. Girls are sweet," she said.