POST FALLS, Idaho — A giant flag in Post Falls is one step closer to being allowed to fly.

When Fox Trailers in Stateline decided to open a location in Post Falls, they wanted to take their iconic American flag with them.

"It brings a lot of pride to me, the family,” said owner Chad Fox. “Brings a lot of pride to customers coming in, and people even passing by. We get phone calls all the time thanking us for flying that flag at Stateline."

The flag – measuring 375 square feet in area and 70-feet high – exceeded city code, which says flags must measure 135 square feet and 45-feet high or less.

flag code_1540433027227.PNG.jpg

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Fox's business had already spent thousands on preparations to put up the flag when he learned it did not meet code.

“It hurt me,” he said. “It hurt me pretty bad.”

In response, Chad, his wife Jen and their friend Scott McArthur thought, "Why not just change the city’s code?" They decided to propose an amendment allowing flags of any size to fly so long as the flag’s fliers provide proof from engineers that it is safe.

The Post Falls Planning and Zoning Commission discussed the amendment at a meeting on Tuesday.

The commission likes the idea but with a few key changes. They were not in favor of removing all limits on flag size, and also wanted to assure that the regulations in residential areas remained the same. After some discussion, they voted to formally recommend a version of Fox’s amendment to the Post Falls City Council.

Here is what that proposal would do: Before, flagpoles could be no higher than 45 feet and no larger than 135 square feet in commercial zones; these numbers are 30 and 60, respectively, in residential zones. Now, within a certain corridor close to major highways – and only in the non-residential zones of that corridor – those limits could increase. The new proposed maximums are 400-square-feet for flag size and 25 feet above the zone’s overall structure height limit for pole length.

Since Fox’s flag is 375 square feet with a 70-foot pole, and the zone of his business is within the corridor and has a maximum height restriction of 45 feet, Old Glory may soon be able to fly.

"It'd mean a lot. For me, for my customers, and for future businesses,” Fox said. “It'd be nice to see other businesses putting up a good-sized American flag."

First, however, the recommendation will need to be approved by the Post Falls City Council.