Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. --- The principal of Bryan Elementary said there is some misinformation out there about their homework policy.

The school does not have a “no homework” type of policy. Instead, Kristin Gorringe, principle of Byran Elementary School, supports teachers whether they decide to assign homework or not.

She believes that teachers should not be assigning homework just for the sake of it.

Last year, Gorringe sent home each student with a letter to parents asking for their input.

“[The letter] It said we've been looking at homework practices, and what is meaningful and effective, and what isn't. And we want to hear from you,” Gorringe said.

Gorringe added, that last year she and her staff spent a lot of time deciding if homework was actually beneficial to elementary students.

Gorringe said the feedback from the parents was mixed. Gorringe decided to take a different approach to the homework policy. If teachers were to assign homework, the assignment must be deliberate.

“In a classroom, they could say I'm not going to assign homework,” said Gorringe. “And I'm going to support them in that decision.”

The school is making other changes that they believe will benefit students.

This year, the school is offering after school tutoring sessions for students who want extra help.

Gorringe knows that her teachers are making their homework decisions with the students in mind.

"People take things to the extreme. That doesn't mean I'm going to support them if the kids are failing,” Gorringe said. “If a child is struggling, we are not going to fail that child”.

Gorringe adds that at some point down the line, she and her staff will sit down, evaluate this policy, and see how it is working.