COEUR D'ALENE, Idaho – A woman said she plans to sue the City of Coeur d'Alene after her backyard became the scene of a deadly officer involved shooting.

The shooting happened in June 2014. The officers were found to be justified.

The woman who lives where the shooting took place said she now suffers from emotional distress. In her claim, the woman living there said she no longer feels safe in her home. She said she is anxious anytime she sees a police officer.

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Body camera footage shows the moments right before police shot and killed Thomas White on Sarah Shield's porch.

Investigators said White ran to the porch after a domestic dispute at a nearby home. Authorities said he pointed a gun at police before they fired.

Video shows the home became the resting place of several bullets. It is also what was left behind that has Shields disturbed.

She said the city did not help clean up the mess that was left behind. In a claim filed with the city, she provided a picture of her bloody deck. Shields also said that police did not attempt to clear her home. Bullets damaged windows, walls and pieces of furniture.

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In the claim, Shields cities emotional and post-traumatic stress from the shooting.

She is now looking for $18,000 in compensation, saying "In no ways do we feel like the city can protect us."

The city sent her a letter in December asking for some addition al information. City officials said they have not heard back. They said Sheilds has until June 2016 to respond.