POST FALLS, Idaho – The power of social media helped reunite a World War II veteran with his military ID.

Sam Tyler, 90, moved out of his farmhouse near Plummer, Idaho during the fall of 2015. His family helped him move and donated some of his stuff to Goodwill.

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Then, in early June a military ID card mysteriously showed up at the Walmart in Post Falls. Post Falls Police then took to Facebook to ask if anyone recognized the ID. Sure enough, Tyler’s family members saw the post and contacted police.

But the big mystery is how the card went from a home near Plummer, all the way to this Walmart in Post Falls.

“She said, ‘Oh My Gosh.’ There's grandpa Sam!”

Someone had apparently found the ID card at the Walmart on Mullan and turned it over to PD.

"The fact that this card landed in Post Falls is a mystery."

His daughter, Susan, got a glimpse of her dad like she has never seen him before.

"It was such a shock to see my young dad. He was 17 when that picture was taken,” Susan said.

Tyler's ID card is from when he joined the Navy in 1943. He would later go on to serve in the South Pacific during the war.

Tyler's post war life would lead him back to the family farm near Plummer, Idaho. That is where this ID card would stay tucked away in storage for years and years.

Williams said that last fall she and her sister moved some stuff from their dad's farmhouse.

Tyler is now living at an assisted living home in the Seattle area. Some of the items removed from his home were donated to a local Goodwill, Williams was not sure which one.

She thinks that somehow the card wound up in a donated item like a VHS tape or book.

"We looked at one another, my sister and I and said we didn't even realize he had a card let alone it was lost. So a very pleasant surprise,” Williams said.

So of course, the family was able to get in touch with Post Falls Police who then popped it in the mail to be delivered to Tyler.

While it is still en route to him, Williams was able to deliver the news of the found card to her dad in person.

"He smiled and he said well what do you know? Haha!”