COEUR D’ALENE, Idaho – The jury began deliberations in the murder trial of Jonathan Renfro on Thursday morning. Renfro is accused of killing Coeur d’Alene Police Sgt. Greg Moore two years ago.

In May 2015, Moore stopped Jonathan Renfro while walking through a Coeur d’Alene neighborhood that had become the victim of recent car burglaries. Investigators said Renfro pulled out a gun, shot Moore, took the officer’s gun and then sped off in his car.

Thursday, the jury began to deliberate his fate after hearing closing arguments from both sides.

Prosecutors argued Thursday that Renfro had shot Moore to avoid going back to prison. The defense said Renfro had no intent to kill Moore, but did intend to shoot his bulletproof vest out of fear.

Renfro’s attorneys argued the investigation is skewed and the jury should not rely on conclusions from the state. They maintained Moore bumped Renfro’s hand, causing him to shoot the officer in the face instead of the vest.

The jury will now have to decide if Renfro is guilty of first degree murder, second degree murder or voluntary manslaughter.

In early September, Renfro pleaded guilty to grand theft and eluding a police officer. He did not plead guilty to the first degree murder charge he also faces. Sentencing for the two charges he pleaded guilty to will happen after the first degree murder trial is over.

Previously, Renfro’s lawyers had argued because of all the publicity the crime got, it would not be a fair trial if held in Kootenai County. The murder and the community’s reaction dominated local headlines for days after the crime. Even now, many people have stickers with Moore’s call sign on their cars in northern Idaho.