COEUR D'ALENE, Idaho-- Athletes competed in Coeur d'Alene for the 2019 Half Ironman Sunday, and up early wither the athletes were the volunteers.

The Ironman Foundation Volunteerism grant program provides an opportunity to support the mission of local community groups, like the Inland Northwest Boy Scouts. With enough scouts volunteering at the Half Ironman, they could be eligible for a piece of that grant.

"We submitted for a grant and we're hoping to be awarded this grant because we need to offset some fees for the pedestrian tunnel at Camp Easton,” Karen Meier, CEO of Inland Northwest Boy Scouts, said.

You may remember a story we previously did about Camp Easton in Harrison, Idaho. A highway runs through the middle of camp, so a pedestrian tunnel was built to keep campers safe.

Boy scout Dan Dolan has been to Camp Easton three years now. This year, he hopes to do the one mile swim.

"There's a big plaque in the dining hall and I hope to get my name on that,” he said.

Dolan volunteered with his dad and fellow boy scouts at the Half Ironman Sunday. 

"I did this last year, and I think it's really helpful thing for the community,” Dolan said. “As a scout, I felt like that was really important because the scout slogan is do a good turn daily and this is a very good turn."

Grant money aside, Dolan says he's happy to be out on the course volunteering his time at the Half Ironman.

"I just feel like it's a really good thing to do, it makes me feel good in the end,” he said.

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