HAYDEN, Idaho — A mother noticed a Kootenai County deputy comforting a little boy who was running late to school at Hayden Meadows Elementary.

Deputy Doug Goodman is the resource officer for the elementary school. His simple act of kindness is getting attention online after the mother posted about what she saw on social media.

Goodman’s voice sticks out in the hallways of the school, in a good way. He makes it his job to say hi and give out high fives. One of his simple gestures is now being shared.

"I noticed that he was pretty disheveled. And he was carrying his hat in one hand, and he was obviously hurrying," Goodman said.

Goodman is describing what he saw while working traffic duty Wednesday morning. A first-grade boy was in tears, rushing to school in freezing weather after his older brother had ditched him. Goodman, a father himself, got out of his patrol rig to help.

"That stuff kicks in, so I'm zipping his jacket up and getting him all prepared for the weather," he said.

Unbeknownst to him, a mom at the school saw what happened and took to Facebook to describe her gratitude. She wrote, "This act of kindness absolutely melted my heart." It didn't take long for others to hear of Deputy Goodman.

"I was gratified. I'm really flattered that she thought that much of what I did," he said.

The little first grader is doing fine too.

"He's actually pretty great. He does his job really well," the boy said.

The boy has an older brother in school, but you might as well call Deputy Goodman his really big brother. One that has his back, and the backs of hundreds of other kids in Hayden.

"It's really nice when you do a job like this because I do invest myself. I consider these kids to be like my kids. I keep them safe. Help with anything they need," Goodman said.