A wreckage that was left off of Highway 99 on Monday may cost taxpayers their money. For that reason, investigators want to see if someone's insurance will cover to remove the truck.

Idaho State Police are still investigating the fatal crash on Thursday and they said some things don't add up.

The driver was a man from North Carolina and the truck appeared to belong to a paving company. ISP said a representative with the purported company the truck belonged to, The Asphalt Paving Company, spoke with investigators on Monday, but hasn't been heard from since.

The truck didn't have any license plates on it and it's not clear who the registered owner is. Officials want to find out more about how the crash happened and if the owners had insurance.

"It's going to be fairly expensive to remove all of this heavy equipment out of the bottom of that grade," said local resident Robert Schilling.

On top of that, the truck spilled an unknown amount of diesel that will require environmental crews to remove a part of soil from the site.

ISP said it doesn't make sense to remove the truck immediately, and then reimburse contractors later.

"It's not economic for a tow company to volunteer their time and resources, and not pay for all the fuel and resources in order for it to happen," said ISP L.t. Rich Adamson.

Some local residents don't agree with the wait and would rather see it be removed as soon as possible.

"Let's just handle the situation at first, and then we can deal with everything else later," said Schilling.

Crews will eventually have to replace the guardrail as well.

ISP is asking anyone with any information to contact them.