COEUR D'ALENE, Idaho -- The historic November windstorm affected so many people in so many ways. For Jordan Simon, 22, the storm took away his ability to walk, but not his ability to fight. 

November 17 was just like any other night for Simon and his best friend, Sheldon Cole. They left Jordan's home in Twin Lakes to check out a new truck for Sheldon. Then in an instance everything changed.

A tree fell on their car. The accident left Simon with a spinal injury and Cole with a concussion.

"I remember waking up and seeing lights…I was just worried about Jordan," said Cole.

A massive tree was crushing Simon.

Simon was awake for all of it, even as responders worked to get him out of the car.

Simon was flown to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle for several surgeries to fix his broken back.

The next day, Cole was there by his side.

Simon and Cole describe themselves as more than best friends. Instead, they call themselves brothers. The pair have known each other since the third grade. 

The event started a new chapter in Simon's young life. For the month following the accident, surgeries and physical therapy were the norm. Doctors have said that he may never walk again.

"Of course it's a little frustrating. But, it is what it is right now. Just got to deal with it," said Simon.

Simon's family, friends and even strangers have since come together to help pay for his medical bills. A fundraiser for Simon and Cole was held on Thursday at the Texas Roadhouse in Coeur d'Alene. 

Within over a month, part of his family's home was transformed into a wheelchair-accessible bedroom.

Simon is still undergoing physical therapy a few times a week. He eventually plans to return to work at a local boat dealership. 

In the matter of one windstorm, Simon's way of life was changed. His friendship with Cole, was not.