The city of Coeur d'Alene recently changed the rules for downtown parking. This comes after downtown business owners and employees started a petition for change last month.

The rule change is a bit complicated, so bear with us.

Originally, if you maxed out your time in a two hour parking spot on one block, you'd have to move 300 feet to a new spot and could not return to your previous spot for 24 hours.

For some, that meant moving their car five or more blocks by the end of the day.

With the new rule, you can now return to your previous parking spot after five hours.

Shane Greenfield started the petition to change the parking rules. He said the new rule is a step in the right direction.

"Just today I've been back and forth between my office, my home, and my clients' homes five times today. So I think this will be helpful," Greenfield said.

When we talked to Greenfield back in April, he also suggested the city should post additional signage explaining the two hour parking rule. But the city decided to stick with the "courtesy ticket" approach, which is a warning ticket with an explanation of the rules.

Greenfield adds he's happy to see public input work, and make parking rules a bit closer to something everyone can agree on.