COEUR D'ALENE, Idaho -- This week the Coeur d'Alene School District is celebrating Random Act of Kindness Week. Canfield Middle School decided it would kick off the week by unveiling completely redecorated girls restrooms.

Canfield Middle school teacher Nicole Leppert pitched the idea of turning the girls restroom into an positive space after being inspired by a similar project at schools in Colorado.

So with the help of teacher and PTA donations, a handful of staff members met in the girl's restroom last weekend to turn it into a place that inspires and encourages their female students.

"Middle school is just tough, tough years...for girls especially," Leppert said. "So for the kids to be able to come into the bathroom and have a little inspiration, or a message that might stick with them and help them feel good about themselves and let them know that they are worthy and wonderful and happy that we're here."

The walls used to be bare and orange, but now everywhere you look there's words of inspiration filled in with bright and happy colors.

Throughout the day, the girls restrooms became more and more of a hit. But do not take our word for it.

Sixth grader Lilly Lowry said, "It was really uplifting because I've doubted myself before and I know that other girls have doubted themselves. So I think when people walk into this bathroom, either to wash their hands, whatever, then it's going to be a really positive message to them and it's going to be a safe place."

"A lot of times we're told that we're not good enough or not pretty enough but then these positive messages just shows that people care about us and we're just like everyone else," sixth grader Paige Wilton said.

"When I walked inside the bathroom---there's so many quote that it made me feel happy about myself and proud about myself. And I think it does that to others too," sixth grader Kenzie Thompson said.

Of course we cannot forget about the boys. School staff say they are in the planning stages of a makeover for the boys restroom, so stay tuned!