POST FALLS, Idaho – A new company is planning to breathe new life into the Post Falls Outlet Mall.

Tedder Industries purchased the building. It is no surprise that the company bought the building because they keep growing every year.

Thomas Tedder is the owner. He is passionate about guns, but more importantly how to carry them. He started the company in 2010 at his home in Arkansas.

"Couldn't find a holster for a gun I had," said Tedder.

Tedder, who was a software engineer at the time, started making custom holsters from his own home. He then started selling them on Ebay, eventually turning Tedder Industries into a company of 25 people. Tedder and his wife would eventually relocate to North Idaho, a place where it is not hard to find people passionate about firearms.

The company grew and grew. By 2014, he employed around 75 people and the next year 150. By 2016, the holster manufacturer had 300 employees.

"Just crazy. Just tripled every six months for years," he said.

The growth lead Tedder to purchase two building at the aging outlet mall in Post Falls. The company will occupy the southern building. The north side of the building is expected to be revamped and leased to retailers.

"I will be sitting there every day looking at this. So I'm not going to be in another state, out of sight, out of mind, kind of thing," said Tedder.

All of this comes as Tedder handles his own expansion and his own booming business. Tedder hopes to move his business by the summer of 2016.