ATHOL, Idaho – Court documents state that an Athol man argues that the laws of the State of Idaho are fiction.

Peter Jensen says the only true law, the one he abides by, is the law that God gave to Moses thousands and thousands of years ago.

Jensen lives near Athol, but you would not believe that by looking at his license plate.

“The main thing I wanted to do is identify myself as being separate from the laws of this nation,” said Jensen.

Mosaic Law is the only law that Jensen said he truly abides by. The law stems from the biblical story of Moses receiving the 10 Commandments.

There is nothing in Mosaic Law about needing a license plate.

“I have a constitutional right to drive freely without restriction, so I shouldn’t have to get a driver’s license, vehicle registration, so forth,” said Jensen.

Within the last couple of years, Jensen said he was stopped and cited for driving without a license plate. He refused to pay that fine.

As a result, Jensen said the Idaho Transportation Department sent him a letter saying his driving privileges had been revoked.

Earlier in April, Jensen filed a district court lawsuit against the ITD employee who sent him that letter, saying that his rights were stolen.

“Their laws are really fiction, so I didn’t feel accountable to them,” said Jensen.

Jensen is seeking a $5.6 million settlement. He calculated that in part by putting a monetary value on his life, plus some damages.

Jensen wants that money to be paid in gold or silver coins.

“Because that’s real money. Federal reserve notes are fiction,” said Jensen.

Jensen said this is the first time he has filed a lawsuit under Mosaic Law.

“The only thing people here seem to understand is money. So, I thought the amount should be significant to reflect that to get their attention,” said Jensen.

Jensen said he is currently waiting on a response from the ITD employee. A court date has not yet been set.