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Hundreds show up to Riverfront Park for third weekend of Spokane protests

Protesters filled the Lilac Bowl and then marched through the pouring rain in downtown Spokane to support the movement aimed at defunding the police.

SPOKANE, Wash. — For the third straight week, protesters made their way to downtown Spokane to share a message sparked by the Black Lives Matter movement

Hundreds of people at Lilac Bowl on Sunday sat through moments of dialogue about the change they want to see.

“I don’t think it’s any secret that Spokane is a primarily white town and a lot of the experiences I’ve had here have been colored by moments of racism,” said Debbie Adewale, who spoke during the event 

“Whether intentional or unintentional, but especially the last three weeks of these Sunday protests,” she continued. “I’ve seen how willing people are to educate themselves to learn about change and to try and implement that change.”

Each protest has been dedicated to a particular cause. The first one honoring George Floyd, with the second bringing recognition to Breonna Taylor. Sunday's protest was about demilitarizing the police but the ultimate point they were trying to get across is that they want to see an America where everyone is viewed equally.

“So in a crowd of what you’re seeing right now, it’s important because we need those people to amplify the voices of the unheard,” explained Taurus Richardson. “We need those people to be our allies and step in when they see something wrong, and also we need them to be consistent in this effort. This is something that’s not going to happen overnight.”

Several speakers had the opportunity to stand in front of the crowd and share their perspectives.

“Growing up in Spokane as a black woman is a radical act of self-love,” said Adewale. "I think that’s why I’m always willing to speak up and I’m always willing to use my voice for activism.”

Protest organizers have said they’re nowhere near their end goal, so they’re prepared to keep marching and having these opportunities for people to speak.

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