There is an overwhelming sense of helplessness when a tragedy happens like what we have seen in Las Vegas. There is so much devastation and pain.

But with tragedy, there is always the opportunity to help. The local blood center, INBC, is encouraging everyone to give blood, if possible.

Join us for a special KREM 2 Blood Drive: Help to Las Vegas on Thursday.

INBC has already sent 55 units of blood to help in Las Vegas. Those donations need to be replenished locally, and the blood center wants to be prepared for any more requests it might get from Nevada.

On Thursday, you are invited to go the blood center closest to you and give blood. INBC does encourage making an appointment if possible—so it will go more quickly for all of you. The blood that is donated—may stay here in the Inland Northwest to replenish the blood already donated or it may be sent to Las Vegas to support those injured in the shooting.

Locally, we need approximately 200 units of blood each day so replenishing our depleted supply is important. Also, the amount of blood needed in Las Vegas is unknown with such a high number of patients related to the shooting.

KREM 2 Blood Drive: Help to Las Vegas

CDA Location on 405 W Neider

North Spokane at 10403 N Newport Highway

Downtown Spokane at 210 W Cataldo Ave

All open Thursday 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.