SPOKANE, Wash. — From ice cream to shave ice, Hoopfest vendors were serving up some much needed relief from Sunday’s hot temperatures.

"It's hot out there. Shaved ice, you can't go wrong with that,” Jim Heberer, owner of Kona Ice, said.

Like Heberer, other Hoopfest vendors had to adapt to crowds and their need to cool off.

"We ran out of water and we had one Gatorade left,” Teresa Sobsky said about her hotdog hut.

Sobsky’s booth ran low on water and Gatorade the first day of the tournament and they had to stock up on more in preparation for the higher temperatures on Sunday.

But Sobsky does not mind the extra work to make customers happy.

"It's amazing to be able to have the players come in and they are all in a good mood,” Sobsky said. “I don't care how hot it is or how tired they are, they are all in a good mood."

The Ben and Jerry’s booth on Main Street was serving up smiles to beat the heat as well with some much needed ice cream.

"They get really happy like the smiles are awesome, and it's nice to be able to give that to someone,” Austin Dickey, employee at Ben and Jerry's, said.