SPOKANE, Wash — This year about 40 states are represented at Hoopfest from as close as Idaho and Oregon to as far as Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

According to the Hoopfest website, there are 6,000 3-on-3 teams at Hoopfest 2017. Most of the players are from Washington, but there are some from out of state.

One team from Bozeman, Montana said they had to travel 6 hours to get to Spokane and they said they got a lot of their trip.

"It's a lot of fun I mean there's lots of new people you get to play with and just different experiences with style of basketball and just different ways you do things," Devan Walhof from Bozeman said.

Another out of state player, Bronson Bond, came from Phoenix, Arizona.

Bond said he came to play basketball but he could not get enough of the beautiful Spokane landscape.

"If you ever go to Phoenix it's dry, there's no trees there's no nothing," Bond said. "When you come down here there's trees, there's mountains there's everything you can do."

Win or lose, these players said it was totally worth it to make the trek to Spokane.