Editor's note: Above video is an initial report from May on talks of demolishing the home

COEUR D’ALENE, Idaho – A historic home in Coeur d’Alene is set to be demolished after standing for nearly 110 years in the city.

The home, which sits off Government Way, is part of the Kootenai County campus. Several years ago, the county bought it with the intent of creating new space for employees – but it was too expensive to update the home and bring it up to code.

As of Tuesday afternoon, Kootenai County commissioners have authorized developer Shawn Riley to begin securing bids for demolition. This comes after the county put out two removal and relocation bids but received no offers.

“From the outset, the county has made an effort to preserve the structure in some form at an alternate location. Unfortunately, it’s simply too big for feasible relocation,” said Kootenai County Commissioner Chris Fillios.

The county’s plan is still to build a new office building in the home’s former location after applying for the necessary permits from the City of Coeur d’Alene, Filios said.

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The need for more office space comes as the Idaho Public Defense Commission announced an increase of $1.5 million to the contribution of the county’s Public Defense, which would require at least eight new attorneys and three administrative positions, Fillios said. This brings the county’s Public Defense organization to just over 50 people.

Fillios said other justice services in Kootenai County also require more space.

The home will likely be demolished before winter.

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