SPOKANE, Wash. – An apple a day keeps the doctor away, right?

As part of Heart Health Week on KREM 2 News, Rockwood MutliCare Clinic dietitian Jen Ropp filled a cart with heart-healthy foods at Huckleberry's Natural Market.

Ropp recommends that you shop for produce first, filling half of your basket with fruits and vegetables. The more colorful the produce, the better.

“Blueberries are full of antioxidants, fiber, actually very little sugar,” Ropp said. “Most of your dark greens are pretty good, too, so that would be things like your kale and your spinach.”

If you decide to shop for frozen fruits and vegetables, make sure they are free of added sauces and sugar. Any frozen foods should be low in salt, too.

The first ingredient on bread should say whole wheat or grain. When you move on to dairy products, Ropp said to stick with low-fat options for a healthier heart.

Ropp added that the healthiest sources of protein from meat are poultry and fish without additives.

“You do want to look for cuts of meat that are leaner than others when you’re thinking about your heart and health,” she said.

A healthy diet even extends to your drink choices. Ropp recommends sparkling waters because they often have fruit flavor without added sweeteners.