SPOKANE, Wash. -- A judge recently sentenced a mom from Coulee City to 90 days in jail after her baby died shortly after being exposed to meth.

The baby’s name was Gunner and some of his family members say 90 days in jail is not enough for his mother.

“She got 90 days for killing an infant that we tried so hard to save,” Amanda Noggles said.

Noggles never had the chance to hold her new born nephew.

“We will never get to love him, we will never get to see him grow up,” she explained.

According to police documents Heather Chapman found her one-month old son not breathing and unresponsive in her Coulee City trailer on May 22, 2016. Despite family members performing CPR and emergency responders rushing him to the hospital, Gunner passed away.

“I heard the ambulance call that night I thought, ‘Oh my god,” she said.

Noggles is an EMT for Grant County and listened to the fate of her nephew. According to the Grant County Coroner's report, Chapman's son's death was ruled accidental with "acute methamphetamine intoxication.”

A case study done by a medical examiner said the autopsy did not show indications of a meth as the cause of death and the child is probably a SIDS victim exposed to meth, adding to other risks. Conflicting evidence is what the prosecuting attorney said led him charge Chapman with endangerment with a controlled substance not controlled substance abuse homicide.

“I believe that CPS and Grant County has failed us,” Noggles said.

Heather was found guilty and is now serving 90 days in jail.

“We tried before that baby was even born to save him,” Noggles explained.

Child Protective Services has been monitoring Chapman since her first child in 2005. Noggles has pages of Chapman's CPS reports and court documents.

Police documents also show that Chapman admitted to smoking marijuana and methamphetamine while breastfeeding and believed it would not affect the baby. Medical records show she tested positive for methamphetamine at the time she gave birth to her son.

“It kills me each and every day when I think about it and how she got away with it,” she said.