SPOKANE, Wash. — A Spokane orthodontist is thanking first responders while helping local Girl Scout troops reach their cookie sale goals.

Bret Johnson Orthodontics has launched the “It’s Cookie Time” program for the second year. Johnson will buy 24 boxes of cookies from each troop that visits his office in uniform for a group photo. The cookies will then be donated to first responders in Spokane.

“We had so much fun hosting the inaugural ‘It’s Cookie Time’ program last year and were thrilled to support both our local Girl Scouts and first responders,” Johnson said. “We are proud to support Girl Scouts’ mission of transforming young girls into leaders and to, in turn, donate cookies to members of our community who are on the front lines every day.”

Last year, Bret Johnson Orthodontics bought 480 boxes of Girl Scout cookies totaling $2,880 in cookies sales. This added up to 40 cases from 20 local troops. The office donated all of the boxes to first responders.

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Those interested in scheduling a troop visit can call Bret Johnson Orthodontics at 509-446-2666.