SPOKANE, Wash. – The Blazen Divaz dance group got to strut their stuff at Saturday’s Lilac Parade and soon they will get to take their show to a national stage.

The group is made up of 91 dancing ladies who love nothing more than a good parade, no matter the conditions.

When people see them coming down the street, people are always surprised.

"They're shocked to see what they see they're anticipating something entirely different," group co-founder John Parmann said.

The dancers ages range from early 50’s to late 80’s.

"To watch the audience smile that really gets us going," founding member Brenda Eliff said.

The group formed back in 2009 by Parmann with the sole purpose of dancing in parades. Parmann said people across the country are asking them to perform in their parades.

"Their hearts are just pounding away in there they're excited and proud and happy and they want to do it again they want to go back again for a second round," Parmann said.

The group does occasionally perform outside of Spokane. Sometimes the group is so energetic, they will do the entire parade course more than once.

The Lilac Parade marked the start of their parade season.

The group even got asked to go on America’s Got Talent but declined. The group said they are getting ready to head to Hawaii to represent the state of Idaho in the Pearl Harbor Parade.