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Flooding on the Pilchuck River in Lake Stevens has some families losing part of their backyards.

Rebecca Wilson shared photos along the riverbank, where flooding took out about 100 feet of yard. Saturated soil caused several trees to topple.

"Trees falling everywhere. River wider than it has ever been!" said Wilson.

The photos also showed a treehouse on the edge of the bank. Wilson said last summer, at least 50 feet of land was in front of the treehouse.

Wilson said no residents have evacuated.

Flooding warnings in effect for several rivers

KING 5 Meteorologist Rich Marriott says heavy rain in the Cascade mountains on Sunday has prompted flood warnings for the Pilchuck, Snoqualmie, Stillaguamish and Tolt rivers. We'll probably see more flood warnings for rivers flowing out of the mountains as the rain continues Sunday afternoon.

"Probably most of those will peak out sometime early or by midday Monday," said Marriott. "At the moment, they're only expecting at worse moderate flooding. Some of them could potentially go into major flooding, depending how much rain they get this afternoon. We'll have to wait and see on that."

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