Time to grab your fishing pole and head to the water! “Free Fishing Weekend” in Washington state is this weekend. The June 9 - 10 opportunity is meant to help introduce people to the activity.

While no licenses are required, the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife says all other rules still apply. Make sure you check the fishing regulations and limits like size, bags, catch and release card requirements, and area closures that might be in effect.

Be sure to check the Fishing Regulation Pamphlet for all rules and restrictions.

Some species require catch record cards, which are available for free at hundreds of sporting goods stores and licensed dealers throughout the state.

Fishermen and women also don't need a Columbia River Salmon and Steelhead Endorsement or a Two-Pole Fishing Endorsement for the weekend.

Additionally, those who wish to take hikes or explore around Washington state parks or WDFW lands will not need a Discover Pass June 9-10. However, a Discover Pass is still required on Department of Natural Resources lands.