SPOKANE, Wash. – Two garages burned in Shadle Park Thursday night, torching thousands of dollars of equipment and personal items according to residents.

One renter said he was caught off guard by the fire when it erupted and now he is hoping investigators can find out what happened.

“By the time we got out here, there were flames all over the place and they were right in between the two buildings,” explained Tyler Smith.

Smith said he was home with his roommate when a woman came banging on their door to warn them about the fire.

“The first thing I though was ‘Rob, what are we going to do, how are we going to put this out?’ Thankfully, someone called the fire department,” recalled Smith.

Smith said the fire department quickly responded and doused the flames. He said they lost all of their workout equipment and an eastern Washington themed table Smith hand-crafted himself. Although he lost these things, Smith said he is just thankful no one was hurt. Now, Smith said he just wants to know how this happened.

“A fire of this magnitude just doesn’t start on its own so we’re pretty worried,” said Smith.

Spokane fire and police officials are still investigating, but said they have not determined if this fire was set intentionally. There were other suspicious fires in the area this week, but they said they have not connected them.