FERRY COUNTY, Wash. -- Washington Military Department State Emergency Management Division issued a statement Tuesday on why it has been so difficult to repair roads in Ferry County.

Karina Shagren, Communications Director for Washington Military Department State Emergency Management Division, said in a statement:

The state continues to work closely with Ferry County to prepare its worksheets and submit the required information to FEMA for reimbursement. Unfortunately – the hillside above Deadman Creek Road isn’t stable yet, and a final solution to repair it hasn’t been determined. This means that an estimate for repair isn’t available yet. And until it is – we can’t submit all of the paperwork to FEMA that is necessary. It’s also important to note that not every road in Ferry County is included in the Disaster Declaration. It’s possible – though you’d have to confirm with the county – that some of the $600k spent to repair roads is not reimbursable because the road wasn’t included in the disaster.

Disaster Declarations are very complicated – and involve a lot of folks.

Almost one year ago, more than 40 roads in Ferry County were damaged by high water, landslides, mudslides and excessive moisture.

Ferry County Public Works officials said they are doing their best, but have struggled to fund the repairs to the roads needed.

Deadman Creek Road, which completely washed out in a section last year, is still significantly damaged and only has one lane open.

Will Rowton, the maintenance coordinator for Ferry County, said they have applied for FEMA funding to help pay for the road repairs, but have not been successful so far.

Rowton said they have had to do the best they can with the money available to them in the county, but it has not been enough to deal with the excessive damage from last year.

He said they have spent $600,000 on the roads in the county after last year’s mess, and $140,000 on Deadman Creek Road alone to fix the one lane.

FEMA spokesperson, Peter Sessum, confirmed Deadman Creek Road was included in a disaster declaration last year.