REPUBLIC, Wash.—While it might not feel like winter for everyone in the Inland Northwest this January, the city of Republic is throwing their annual Winterfest.

Organizers of the event shared their excitement on the Republic Chamber of Commerce’s Facebook page.

Events begin with ice sculptors at 8:00 a.m. Saturday, January 20.

Republic Chamber of Commerce worker Mary Masingale said she was most excited for the ice sculpting.

“This is our second year of ice sculpting so I’m excited to see what people come up with,” said Masingale.

There will also be a chili crawl where people can sample chilis from local restaurants and vote on their favorite. On the topic of food, there will also be a hot wing eating contest.

The Winterfest will also give people a chance to show off their bigfoot calls. The person who gives the best sasquatch call wins a prize.

Another exciting event that people can take part in that Saturday will be what Winterfest officials caledd a “nearly world-famous event.” That event would be outhouse races. An outhouse race is pushing a sled with a seat and a roll of toilet paper.

Masingale said while Winterfest is a fun time for the community, it also helps boost their economy.

“People stay around, they go into shops and restaurants while they check out the events,” said Masingale.

Masingale said the Winterfest was an awesome way to get people up to the town in January.