FERRY COUNTY, Wash. — A rancher in Ferry County reported shooting and injuring a member of the Togo wolf pack in self-defense last week, according to a report from Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) officials.

Officials said a WDFW wolf biologist and wildlife specialist located the animal in northeast Washington on Monday. It is injured but mobile.

The two identified the animal as the adult black male from the Togo pack, officials said.

The wolf biologist said the wolf’s left rear leg appeared to be broken below the knee. A remote camera in the area showed that the adult female from the Togo pack had been nearby the night before.

Earlier this month, a judge issued a temporary restraining order to prevent the killing of the Togo wolf pack. The pack is responsible for repeat attacks on livestock in northern Ferry County.

Since 2012, Washington state has killed 18 state-endangered wolves, which is nearly 15 percent of the state’s current confirmed population of 122. Of those 15 were killed on behalf of the same livestock owner. Those kills have now led to the eradication of three entire wolf packs, including the Sherman pack last year, Profanity Peak pack in 2016 and Wedge pack in 2012.

WDFW wolf managers believe the injured wolf has a good chance of surviving and the department will continue to monitor its movements. If the wolf does not remain active, department officials will decide whether it should be euthanized.

Officials are continuing to investigate the shooting.