COEUR D'ALENE, Idaho—Credit 2 Kids teamed up with Lake City High School Tuesday to surprise a senior who is making a difference in his community.

Quinn Mitchell was awarded with a $500 check for his school from Spokane Teachers Credit Union (STCU).

The art program at Lake City High School operates on a shoe string budget cobbled together through grants according to the staff. However, Pamela Asher likes teaching art even with the financial hurdles. And she loves her students, but she has never met one quite like Mitchell.

Asher wrote into KREM 2 News about how Mitchell approached her with a stunning offer.

"He said 'I want to donate to your program,'" said Asher.

What Asher did not realize was that Mitchell had worked all summer at a golf course. Each time he got a paycheck, Mitchell put the majority into his college savings and set aside a portion for Mrs. Asher's art program.

"I've never seen anybody do that," exclaimed Asher, I've never even, I couldn't even understand what kind of a student does that, it was so kind."

Still, Asher did not want to take the money so she called Mitchell's parents. They assured her the donation was important to the high school senior.

The money paid for sketchbooks for students who could not afford to buy the required supplies.

"I can say thank you a thousand times, but I want to do more," said Asher who gave back to Mitchell by nominating him for Credit 2 Kids.

NOMINATE: Enter a teen to win

On Tuesday, the Lake City senior class gathered for what they thought was a meeting. In reality, KREM 2 News and Mitchell's family came to surprise him.

"You all helped shape who I am, everyone one of you even if you don't know it," said Mitchell after finding out he won.

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