LEWISTON, Idaho — A couple was kicked out of a Lewiston restaurant Saturday after staff said they became disruptive and made offensive statements about Native Americans.

The couple posted about getting kicked out of the Shari’s location in Lewiston on Facebook and wrote, “Never stepping another foot in Shari’s.” The post has since been deleted.

Shari’s spokesperson Lisa Amore said a group of people came in to the Lewiston location after a Halloween party Saturday night. She said two people were dressed as Native Americans and they became disruptive and loud.

Amore said at one point they started making Native American “war cries.” She said this was making everyone around them uncomfortable and the shift lead asked them to stop.

"She asked them to stop at which point they started making even more offensive comments to their server and to the cook who are both Native American," Amore said.

Native American costumes
Screenshot of Facebook post of woman writing about getting kicked out of the Shari's in Lewiston.

Several other customers in the restaurant at the time were also Native American, Amore said. She said while no one was complaining about their behavior, it was obvious everyone was uncomfortable.

Amore said that’s when the restaurant’s shift lead asked them to leave.

"I want to clarify because there was a Twitter photo from the woman who posted that she was asked to leave because of the costume and that is not the case. They were asked to leave because of their offensive conduct," she said.

Since this story broke, the restaurant has received a lot of positive feedback. In the review section of the restaurant’s Facebook page one person wrote, “Good Food Great Staff and Managers. And they aren't afraid to boot insensitive idiots out if the situation calls for it.”

Amore said the entire company is proud of how the staff responded to the situation.

"Everyone in the company is very, very proud of our staff in our Lewiston location. We all feel that they acted appropriately, and they did the right thing," she said. "We have the greatest respectful of them (Native Americans) and people of all kinds. We believe all people should be treated kindly and with respect. We're not going to tolerate people who aren't tolerant."

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