SANDPOINT, Idaho—After both officer involved shootings in North Idaho this month law enforcement officers made their way to Kootenai Health for a few reasons.

Coeur d’Alene Police detective Jared Reneau said that law enforcement was there to show support but they were also following protocol.

Reneau said when situations like officers getting shot happens law enforcement increases security at medical centers. That is because they are often transporting the injured officers there before there is confirmation that the danger is over, according to law enforcement officials.

“By the time officers arrive at the scene it doesn’t necessarily mean that what’s happened has concluded and so we want to make sure that officers are going to be safe here no matter so we’re going to provide personnel for that purpose too to make sure that the hospital’s safe and that the people who are interacting with the officers who are there remain safe as well,” said Reneau.

Law enforcement also arrive to the medical centers to support their colleagues.